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Dubai : A Land of Safaris and Experiences Anybody who visits Dubai must have to spend their days experiencing the amazing days and spectacular nights full of excitement and passion for adventurous sports in the vast Arabian Desert. Some of the Dubai tour packages comprises of different types of Dubai Desert Safaris, wildlife watching experience in a Land Rove, an evening indulge in entertainment in the ancient Arabic tent followed by encountering nature. Why is Safari in Desert a memorable event in Dubai for every traveler? The great Arabian Desert leaves you astonishing with its rich experiences in red sand-dunes and a wide range of exciting activities in day and night that makes your Dubai tour memorable one and a lifetime experience. You can choose from adventurous best desert safari trips; photography travels, adventurous night safaris and a memorable cold desert night out all in blue along with mouthwatering food, drinks, light Arabian music which is a worth to try. Top 5 experiences and attractions in Dubai 

1. Different types of Safaris • The best Dubai Desert Safari Deals in various kinds of safaris that anybody can enjoy at any time of the day. Be it either morning, evening or overnight, all of these are available according to your wishes and at very cheap and economical price packages.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is a sunrise type, you can catch the beautiful scenes of first sunrays with this safari which will give you a thrilling experience on a 4x4 vehicle of your choice. The drivers are safe and hold a license in providing you with this service. Your mornings will be going to become most photogenic once you find yourself in the vast Arabian Desert. • Another thing on the list is Evening Desert Safari in Dubai, which lets your sunsets charming once you will be there in the desert on four wheeler with most skilled drivers who will make your trip momentous. Apart from this unlimited water and soft drinks are provided on each safari to keep you fresh and relax for all the time. • If you want to enjoy and have a beautiful feeling of bike riding, then Quad Bike Desert Safari is something of your choice. Have a ride on a quad bike which is most thrilling in the vast Arabian Desert of Dubai, a must to have on your trip list. • Hummer Desert Safari gives you the experience of excellent Safari on 4x4 large vehicles such as Patrol, Hummer and Land Cruiser which is very innovative and adventurous things to do in Dubai. • The Dubai nights are freezing and windy, so enjoy these and take a romantic drive with Overnight Desert Safari with your loved one. Drive all the way to the sand-dunes and spend your whole night in the middle of the Arabian Desert. 

2. Dune Bashing Have your amazing and beautiful morning start with this morning jeep safari rides in a 4x4 large SUV in the midst of great Arabian Desert. The gusty winds and sand-dunes bashing is an exciting activity which is one of the best Desert Safaris in Dubai. You do not have to worry about how to go about with this. Usually, a jeep will be picking you up from the camp and takes you to a thrilling ride for 30 minutes.

3. Camel Trekking Camelback safari or trekking can be made usually in mornings and evenings too along with the morning and evening desert safaris in Dubai for at least 45 minutes. It will take you through an exciting tour for Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on the camel convoy which will give you the experience to explore desert wildlife. Some of the other attractions are Falcon demonstration can be photographed while walking through the desert.

4. Sand Skiing Seamless and endless sand skiing on the long stretch of sand-dunes is an overwhelming adventure sport in its kind. The sand-dunes are of the height 200-300 meters, an ideal for skiing. Now feel sand like snow under your skis as you drive down rapidly. Isn’t it an ultimate fun in the desert?

5. Hot Air Ballooning A perfect and ideal 360-degree view of hot air balloon experienced on the vast Arabian Desert where it will hold up to 24 people at a time inducing adrenaline rush once it gets high up in the air giving you the spectacular views. You can spot animals like gazelles and camels; even desert wildlife in the ground is viewed while in the Hot Air Balloon journey.

6. Buffet Dinner What could be an exciting thing other than having a Dubai cuisine with the lip-smacking, mouth- watering taste and trickling flavors? Enjoy a fantastic buffet dinner desert safari comprising of evergreen kebabs, Iranian and Lebanese dishes. Belly dance, soft drinks and soft music at the time of dinner are typical Arabian night vibes that anybody can enjoy

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